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About me

Dr. n. med. Kamil Pietrasik

About me

Dr n. med. Kamil PIETRASIK

I believe trust is one of the most important values in patient-doctor relations. It is difficult to trust somebody we don't know. Thus, I would like to introduce myself and present my philosophy.
I'm a Polish plastic surgeon trained in Poland and United States.

I graduated with distinction from Medical University of Warsaw in 1997.

After general surgery training at the Department of General, Vascular and Transplant Surgery, Medical University of Warsaw, I passed National Board of General Surgery Examination and obtained title "specialist in general surgery". Thereafter, I completed my plastic surgery training at the Department of Plastic Surgery, The Medical Center for Postgraduate Education in Warsaw. In October 2010 I passed National Board of Plastic Surgery Examination and obtained title "specialist in plastic surgery". Following my training in Poland I moved to United States to complete training in aesthetic surgery as a fellow at the Department of Plastic Surgery, University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Simultaneously with surgical education I've been working as an instructor and lecturer at the Department of Anatomy, Warsaw Medical University where I’ve been teaching medical students for 15 years.

I started to pay interest in plastic surgery in early years of my medical school. At this time I understood how important detailed anatomical knowledge is for success of every surgery. I spent 15 years studying human anatomy setting down strong basis for my profession. In this period I devoted lots of time to research studies, resulting in numerous publications and congress presentations in Poland and abroad. I defended my doctoral thesis and received PhD degree with honorary distinction (Summa-cum-Laude) in May 2005.

Discovering secrets of human body is my great passion but not the only one. History of art and sculpture in particular was and still is my second love. Although seeming from different poles, both disciplines have anatomy as a common denominator and they found solid basis for plastic surgery.

Anatomical knowledge and sense of art don’t guarantee success in plastic surgery.

I refined surgical skills during my general surgery (6 years) and plastic surgery (4 years) competitive training programs as well as numerous visits and fellowships in United States including Brigham and Wooman’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School and University of Alabama at Birmingham. To be eligible for real surgical training in US I passed required examinations and obtain medical license there. During one year aesthetic surgery fellowship at University of Alabama at Birmingham I had a chance to refine my surgical skills and learn most up-dated aesthetic surgery techniques from internationally recognized authorities such as Dr Luis Vasconez, Dr James Grotting, Dr Jorge de la Torre, Dr Constantino Mendietta , Dr Roger Khouri and Dr Mark Codner.

In more than 20 years of my medical education I had and still have one goal: ” to obtain maximal knowledge and experience in plastic surgery on international level to better serve my patients”.

Through years of hard work I did my best to fulfill this motto with real content.
If I was successful?
Please, evaluate yourself.
I invite you to contact my office for an appointment.

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