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Dear Dr Kamil
Thank you very much for the new breast. I'm so happy with the result. They look just great. It was real pleasure to be your patient, I`ll recommend your service to all who need professional treatment and individual approach . Many thanks and best regards to your nurse Barbara. She is just great and you should be proud of her. Great job !!! With best regards

New York


I had a breast augmentation performed by Dr Kamil Pietrasik year ago. I'm very happy with a result. He explained everything in detail before operation. I had really good contact with him after the surgery. What a charming, open person. I strongly recommend him. What a pity he left US for Poland. Thank you once again Dr P.



I had a upper eyelid surgery performed by Dr Pietrasik and I'm very pleased with a result. He also did fat grafting under my eyes. I look much younger and result persist 1 year after the surgery. I had great contact with him and I strongly recommend this Doc. Very professional and kind person.

Birmingham, Alabama


I had a facelift done by Dr Pietrasik 3 months ago. I'm very pleased with the result. He took 20 years of my look and I still look myself! Very patient and very kind person. It was a good choice. Strongly recommend Dr Pietrasik.

Birmingham, Alabama

"The most important value between a patient and a doctor is trust."


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