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Arm lift


Arm lift (brachioplasty) is an operation for individuals with excessive skin and subcutaneous fat tissue on arms who seek aesthetic improvement in this area.

Depending on volume of tissues to be removed and skin elasticity, technique varies from ultrasound or laser liposuction to direct surgical resection. When indicated Dr Pietrasik combines both methods to achieve best aesthetic result. Individuals after significant weight loss and those with normal aging changes are good candidates for  this type of surgery.

Brachioplasty is conducted under local or general anesthesia, depending on extent of the surgery an patient’s preference.

Skin incision in standard arm lift is placed on posterior-medial aspect of the arm and armpit. Resulting scar is permanent but due to this location it is almost imperceptible when arms are not elevated. If liposuction only is performed, resulting few short (2-3mm) scars in elbow area and armpit are imperceptible after normal healing is complete.

Patients after brachioplasty leave the facility 6 hours after surgery. In the case of larger volume reductions overnight hospitalization may be  required.

Return to normal (non-strenuous) activity takes  10-14 days, although patient should avoid weight lifting (>10 kg) and strenuous arm muscles work for 8 weeks.

Compression sleeves must be used for 8 weeks after surgery.

Brachioplasty results are good and long-lasting but not permanent. This method rejuvenates arms but doesn’t stop their natural aging processes. Significant weight changes, hormones may change aesthetic result of this operation.

Duration 3 h
Anesthesia local or general
Stay in the facility 6-24h depending on anesthesia type
Recovery 14 days
Sutures absorbable sutures do not require removal
Contraindications menstruation or premenstrual period, untreated mental illnesses, blood clotting disorders, uncontrolled hypertension, uncontrolled diabetes, cardiac arrhythmias, active infections, autoimmune diseases, malignancy, pregnancy
Recommendations before surgery brachioplasty pre-op.pdf
Recommendations after surgery brachioplasty post-op.pdf

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