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Surgery of hypertrophied male breast (gynecomastia) aim at restoration of natural look and proportions of male chest by resection of excessive tissues.

Operative method depends on type of gynecomastia. In cases caused by excessive fat tissue (pseudogynecomastia), laser or ultrasound liposuction is best option. If breast enlargement is due to hypertrophied glandular tissue its surgical resection is performed. In some patients combination of both methods gives best results.

Depending on technique employed, extend of  reduction and patient’s preference, gynecomastia surgery may be performed in general or local anesthesia.

Incisions in both methods are located in such a way that resulting scars after healing process is complete are almost imperceptible although permanent.

Patient after gynecomastia surgery in local anesthesia is discharged home after procedure is completed; patient after general anesthesia remains in facility for 6 hours.  Overnight stay in the facility may be required  after larger reductions.

Recovery period depends on method used and magnitude of reduction performed. Return to normal (non-strenuous) activity takes 7-10 day. Sport activities involving pectoral muscles may be resumed after 3 months. In postoperative period compression garment is used for 2 months to decrease edema and expedite healing process. Results of gynecomastia surgery are permanent although may be changed by weight gain and hormones.

Duration up to 3 h
Anesthesia local or general
Stay in the facility 3 – 6 h depending on anesthesia type
Recovery 7-10 days
Sutures to be removed on post-op day 14
Contraindications uncontrolled endocrine disorders including hyperprolactinemia, untreated mental illness, blood coagulation disorders, uncontrolled hypertension, uncontrolled diabetes, cardiac arrhythmias, active infections, autoimmune diseases, cancer
before surgery
gynecomastia pre-op LOCAL.pdf
gynecomastia pre-op GENERAL.pdf
after surgery
gynecomastia post-op.pdf

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