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Ganglion is one of the most frequent benign tumors of the hand growing in vicinity of joint and tendons in individuals of all ages. It is usually well-defined nodule filled with fluid or mucus. Although dorsal surface of the wrist is most frequent localization, ganglion may also develop on palmar aspect of the wrist or base of finger. The tumor may temporally change its size or completely disappear. This is most frequently seen with small simple ganglions. Tendon and/or joint capsule injuries (sometimes very minor and remote to be remembered) are probable cause of ganglion formation.

Treatment methods range from simple injection and drainage to complete surgical resection. Injection and drainage is less invasive and gives immediate result although has high recurrence rate. Surgical excision of ganglion with its pedicle is most effective form of treatment with lowest recurrence rates.

Ganglion excision is  performed in local anesthesia or regional block.

Skin incision is placed directly over the tumor.

Patient may go home immediately after the surgery.

Operated hand is immobilized in wrist splint and should be kept in elevation till wounds are healed and skin sutures removed what usually takes 14 days. Hand therapy should be implemented from post-op day 2 and continued for a period of 4 weeks.

Return to normal activity involving hand takes 4-6 weeks.

Although results of surgical treatment are good and long-lasting in small percentage of patients ganglion may reoccur in the same or adjacent location.

Duration up to  90 min.
Anesthesia local
Stay in the facility up to  2 h
Recovery 14 d + rehabilitation 4-6 weeks
Sutures removed at post-op14
Contraindications untreated mental illnesses, blood clotting disorders, uncontrolled hypertension, cardiac arrhythmias, uncontrolled diabetes, active infections, autoimmune diseases, cancer
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Recommendations after surgery ganglion post-op.pdf

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